The Progress NEMA is Undertaking Because of the Coalition of Varying Sections

The Progress NEMA is Undertaking Because the Coalition of Varying Sections

Like the electrical power grid is the same with the development of umbrella systems of systems together with millions of integrated and interconnected parts, the NEMA utility products & systems division is geared towards the mobility of integrated coalition of different product sections.

Nowadays, this division is geared in the creation of a leadership committee that is responsible for the mobility within NEMA organization. This will help NEMA to have a specific focus on having a product-centered technical organization to one system that may look like a system-wide approach in terms of its strategic planning and problem solving. When NEMA utilizes its power to have all the work being coordinated coming from individual product sectors – its members benefit the most. This example includes the initiatives of the workforce development, the existence of internet of things and several government relations.

This concept of having a divison-level group leadership is fundamentally based on two different NEMA divisions involved in the operation under the guidance of its executive leadership group. To name, the groups are: NEMA lighting divison and the medical imaging & technology alliance or what we call the MITA.

Under strict guidance of the leadership committee, the NEMA division is geared to develop and oversee the three-year strategy that includes the delineated goals and different methodologies that is directly related to the digitization of power grid. Its preparation is because of the fact that it brings electrification of several new industries. Once the electrical power grid started to develop into self-healing, self-driving system, the committee will now determine what exact role the NEMA has together with its members. The different components of this strategy would be business, policy, and other technical objectives.

The activities of the committee might include some engagement from outside of the groups that effectively represent the utility community, also the formal studies and some data collections. This also includes some of the briefings done in form of different business strategy groups that comes with some expertise from the field. The different areas or place of focus/priorities should be carefully determined by the committee responsible for this and they should include a strategy-based work. This should include the inclusion of the digital twinning, different development of several practices needed for the several equipment production modeling. This also includes some deep-dive analysis of some mentioned utility rate structures. The NEMA committee should now consider the different policy activities involving the former grid modernization leadership council. Some of the specific activities involved in the engagement of utility commissions should be on the same level with the other state-level policymakers. There will also be some written and verbal comments about different federal agencies and responsible federal policymakers. The other briefings with other entities that helps in the governance of bulk power market like the regional transmission operators and coordination should also contribute.