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Creative Ways How Environmental Engineers Fight Air Pollution

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Did you know that the global economy is spending more than 5 trillion dollar on per year basis just to fight the air pollution happening inside our homes and outside places. With every problems human made, there will always be a human thought solution. With this in mind, the air engineering has already taken a stand and solution towards researching and performing tasks that is able to understand, monitor, and effectively regulate the air pollution.

The Glasgow, being the most populated city located in Scotland, it is just fitting that the air control being carried out in the most beautiful Scottish city is being implemented. According to the project of sensing the city, there are sensors being utilized that enables other mobile technologies to fight against pollution at just very low costs.

The effort is combined with higher cost solutions of static stations. This both goes hand in hand in giving very specific data that comes with lack of coverage that meticulously identifies the source of air pollution.

The China’s journey on having efficiency in controlling the air pollution has already paid off. Their environmental engineers which are being led by the Dutch innovator Daan Roosegaarde, were able to develop engineering projects that helps the city with their smog. The architecture absorbs the 30,000 m3/hr of air pollution that utilizes the 1,170 watts of energy and it effectively comrpeses the residue.

The leftover gathered from the air pollution is being moulded into small items like rings. This engineer also lead engineering projects for smog-sucking bicycles. Because China has been categorized as one of the most deadliest city when it comes to their smog, these projects are a big step.

With this in mind, the government of Taiwan also took the step in collaborating with their telecommunications company. Wherein the engineers have planned blueprints for them to save their city. There are AI assisted algorithms which are created with the mobile data knowledge. This gives them the ability to asses the air quality trough the sensors and they gather weather information that will lead them to gather accurate numbers when it comes to the air pollution forecast.

This will help them in creating solutions for air pollution.

There are also same projects happening in other parts of the world like Israel. They have coded an application and it has been attracting users and gaining momentum all over the world. It leverages on the power of using big data that effectively shows the sources that initiates air pollution. The rates are given on the basis of the air quality and this helps the people to create smart choices when it comes to minimizing the source of air pollution.

In addition to these initiatives in achieving a better planet, google partnered with a start-up company to carry on the project for sensors installed in their street view cars. This project was implemented in 2015 and it has gathered million data points which used as a basis of study done by the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency.

These type of measures to prevent and lessen the air pollution should be carefully adapted. Especially in countries like India where population is ever increasing as well as the air pollution. The advancements in the technology should be maximized so that the human beings can have a better planet and a pollution free future.