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Creative Ways How Environmental Engineers Fight Air Pollution

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Did you know that the global economy is spending more than 5 trillion dollar on per year basis just to fight the air pollution happening inside our homes and outside places. With every problems human made, there will always be a human thought solution. With this in mind, the air engineering has already taken a stand and solution towards researching and performing tasks that is able to understand, monitor, and effectively regulate the air pollution.

The Glasgow, being the most populated city located in Scotland, it is just fitting that the air control being carried out in the most beautiful Scottish city is being implemented. According to the project of sensing the city, there are sensors being utilized that enables other mobile technologies to fight against pollution at just very low costs.

The effort is combined with higher cost solutions of static stations. This both goes hand in hand in giving very specific data that comes with lack of coverage that meticulously identifies the source of air pollution.

The China’s journey on having efficiency in controlling the air pollution has already paid off. Their environmental engineers which are being led by the Dutch innovator Daan Roosegaarde, were able to develop engineering projects that helps the city with their smog. The architecture absorbs the 30,000 m3/hr of air pollution that utilizes the 1,170 watts of energy and it effectively comrpeses the residue.

The leftover gathered from the air pollution is being moulded into small items like rings. This engineer also lead engineering projects for smog-sucking bicycles. Because China has been categorized as one of the most deadliest city when it comes to their smog, these projects are a big step.

With this in mind, the government of Taiwan also took the step in collaborating with their telecommunications company. Wherein the engineers have planned blueprints for them to save their city. There are AI assisted algorithms which are created with the mobile data knowledge. This gives them the ability to asses the air quality trough the sensors and they gather weather information that will lead them to gather accurate numbers when it comes to the air pollution forecast.

This will help them in creating solutions for air pollution.

There are also same projects happening in other parts of the world like Israel. They have coded an application and it has been attracting users and gaining momentum all over the world. It leverages on the power of using big data that effectively shows the sources that initiates air pollution. The rates are given on the basis of the air quality and this helps the people to create smart choices when it comes to minimizing the source of air pollution.

In addition to these initiatives in achieving a better planet, google partnered with a start-up company to carry on the project for sensors installed in their street view cars. This project was implemented in 2015 and it has gathered million data points which used as a basis of study done by the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency.

These type of measures to prevent and lessen the air pollution should be carefully adapted. Especially in countries like India where population is ever increasing as well as the air pollution. The advancements in the technology should be maximized so that the human beings can have a better planet and a pollution free future.

What is Steel Manufacturing Process?

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One of the big differences that you can find in carbon a stainless steel is found in the start of the metal processes crucial or needed to create these metal steels. All steels should start with the basic manufacturing process. The different materials needed to create and manufacture these steels are being added in different points of the steel manufacturing process to create the steel that is needed for a certain type of electronics enclosure or box.

One of the starting point or the start of the steel manufacturing process involves the melting of an iron ore or it includes the processes of extracting the iron, also it involves the removal of the excess carbon and other impurities that can be found in the raw steel material. After this, the process will now include wide variety of different finishing processes to be able to create and manufacture a strong, attractive, and flexible material.

The usual steel making manufacturing process works like this:

The iron ore, limestone, or coal and other materials needed for steel making are then poured on the top of the blasted surface with superheated temperature. Then, the molten iron is now being collected at the bottom while the other impurities is being gathered from the top of the slag that is being drained off.

During the initial steelmaking stage, the melted iron is now being purified and combined with other scrap steel that utilizes these one of two processes:

A basic oxygen furnace is being utilized, this is where a high-purified oxygen is being blown inside the steel mixture of the molten iron and steel to be able to burn the impurities that are found in iron. This basic oxygen steelmaking is now considered to be one of the most popular method when it comes to steel manufacturing.

Also, there are electric arc furnaces in which there is a humongous graphite electrodes to be able to melt down the iron and remove its impurities, at this point a scrap steel is being added to the steel mixture.

The next stage involves secondary steelmaking, in which raw molten steel is being purified or being manipulated just by using a wide variety of good techniques that usually involves a ladle – a big mechanical device involved in the manipulation of steel. At this point, the process includes important procedures that creates different types of metal steel. One of the examples is argon-oxygen decarbonization, a very complicated steel manufacturing process technique that involves removal of the excess carbon steel found in stainless steel.

After the mentioned process, the purified steel is now being created. It is now time for the primary forming. Included in this step is the steel that is being poured in different shapes and sizes of mold that creates different forms of steel – depending on its application. As an example, this include the bars, beams, sheets, and other forms of metal sheets.

The final step of the steel manufacturing process is the finishing or what we call the secondary forming process. In this process, the metal steel achieves its final form.

This now involves processes like welding, machining, or galvanizing that forms the steel into usable forms where companies creates their products to help us have a better world around us. 

One of the most amazing things about steel making is how different the alloying techniques can effectively create different types of steel that are well-suited for different types of applications.

Effective Tips of Properly Selecting a Plastic Enclosure

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Aside from purchasing a steel electronics enclosure for your needs, there are plastic enclosures available in the market today. However, in purchasing one there are several considerations the user has to take in consideration before actually buying one. Asking the right questions is as crucial as choosing the right enclosure.

In this article, we will help you to make the right decision.

With this in mind, there are three basic questions in choosing the right plastic enclosure for your engineering project. These questions should be first addressed by the project or design engineer before making a decision if they should buy a plastic enclosure instead of the steel one.

Aside from the different price points, weight, transportability, and durability there are other important factors you should keep in mind.

The size of the enclosure. Plastic enclosures are easier to customize thus it can accommodate smaller design of electronics enclosure. It can range from a hand-held enclosure to a large one akin to the typical steel enclosures.

The user should keep in mind that the size specifics should be identified first and what types of customizations needed.

Level of protection. Also take into consideration that if you need a specific or certain level of environmental protection for your electronics enclosure, carefully note that the plastic enclosures can have the rating of at least IP40. It can also go up to IP65 or even higher.

It can also be a flame-retardant material so carefully consider the types of protection you might need.

Type of plastic material used. There are polycarbonate and ABS plastic enclosures available. You can search online for its different uses and characteristics. It is important to note that the polycarbonate material is also UV-stabilized and ideal for outdoor use.

NEMA Rating. Usually, plastic enclosures have the NEMA rating of 4X and 6P alongside other NEMA ratings.

In addition to this, if there’s a need for you to stock on an enclosure or there should be customization and modifications, the user should be upfront with the manufacturer to be clear about what is needed to be made on the plastic enclosure.

Is it Possible that Electronics Enclosure Can Get Too Cold – Plastic Hypothermia

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I am going to share one of my well kept secrets with you – one of my favorite TV show of all time is the Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel. To back up the story a little bit, I will give you a very short overview. There is this tag-team duo that is composed of an ex-military sniper. His name is David. And there is this one guy that is barefoot wasteland hippie and he was named Cody. For the story, this man wears no shoes ever. These two young gentlemen travel to the most remote parts of the world. The show aims to tell the viewers regarding the various survival techniques that can be used under extreme environmental conditions.

What I really liked about this show is that it educates the viewers what to do if in case these type of crazy scenario happens. At least we have an idea right?

In one of their new episodes, the duo team has a new adventure. They take on two ranchers that are being stranded on the Northern Great Plains in Montana during the worst winter ever. The tag team thought of something. They decided to ramp up the defense from the very cold winter by wearing a pair of socks in this episode I am talking about. But Cody still remains shoe less of course. The irony! I found myself gawking in disbelief while I was watching. I was thinking to myself that this guy is crazy!

With this type of weather, I guess my feet would literally snap off my legs! That is totally crazy right! This extreme weather often reminds me of the question I usually encounter when a company purchases an electronics enclosure. Can a plastic enclosure endure extreme cold weather? Or how cold is too cold for your electronics enclosure? On one hand, this question is reasonable right? If an electronics enclosure can withstand high temperature, how is it performing when it comes to withstanding cold temperatures?

Let us explain.

If an electronics enclosure, is made from steel I guess there would be no much of a problem. However, if the electronics enclosure is made from plastic, there are some things you need to keep in mind. The minimum temperature plastic used for manufacturing the enclosure can withstand does not have a specific cutoff temperature point. According to some of the plastic material supplier, the ABS plastic seems that it can handle temperatures around -20 to -30 degrees Celsius.

Knowing that the temperature can drop off that drastically is crazy right? In order for this to maintain a somewhat safety factor, companies manufacturing plastic enclosures does not recommend using the ABS plastic below 0 degrees F (-17 degrees C). 

In reality, this totally depends on what type of enclosure is now being physically exposed at some certain temperatures. The cold temperatures can bring about significant impact or damage on some parts that are being exposed to some vibration or bad impact. Some of the parts that are exposed to some of these conditions might incur cracking at low temperatures.

Ways on Properly Selecting a Good-Sized Server Racks

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The Three-Phase power technology for server racks is not very exclusive to operating remote power management products. Actually, there are several solutions that can be accommodated by this technology. When you compare it to a single-phase power, it utilizes a fewer circuit making electricity in power loading more balanced. It also decreases the number of needed PDUs in order to power equipment. It can also significantly reduce the amperage being used inside the server rack cabinets.

To further explain this topic, there is a traditional rack environment that has 20-amp circuits that are going to be required to provide 64 amps of available power. Assuming the maximum power load of about 80%. In a contrasting scenario, the 3-phase circuit can give power up to 51.6 amps per circuit. That is equivalent to 82 amps of available power. It will only require 2 circuits in order to accommodate the 80% load.

The cost-efficiency required in order to run a 3-Phase power is very important. The electricity experts have an estimation that in the near future, the cost to acquire electricity (compared to recent costs) has the possibility to rise by 10%. When it comes to IT budgets it can get to 20-30%.

The other electricity or power-related required aspects should include the number of outlets that the server rack will be needing. Including the plug/receptacle requirements as well as the redundancy requirements.

When it comes to selecting a server rack with the appropriate, sufficient internal space to be able to accommodate your equipment is needed. Also, it ensures that the server rack has ample space to house the equipment that will be needed for future expansions. Especially when there are unplanned purchases of additional equipment.

The server rack mount equipment is being measured using the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) standards. The standard measurement is one “Rack Unit” that has the equivalence of 1.75” in height. Always be aware that the available space for accessories – the environmental monitoring devices, remote power management devices, LCD monitors and battery back-up – might be important.

With this example, if an engineer needs to accommodate at least 20 2U rack servers, they are more likely to buy a server rack with a height of 44U in able for them to accommodate all the needed accessories. These can be the 1U patch panel, as well as the 2U UPS battery back-up. The internal height of the server rack is being measured by getting the measurements from the tallest point of any side of the rack server up to the bottom of the chassis. The internal depth that is being measured internally is being done on front and rear doors. In addition to this, the internal width is being measured from the other side of the panel to the other.

Improved Graphics Department Output Contributes to the Decision Making of Enclosure Manufacturing Companies

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Now that the winter is over, the seasons are starting to transition from being very dreary gray to bright colorful spring and summer. Who would not be excited right? With this in mind, I guess every woman like to brighten up their wardrobe. We should start putting away the bulky, drab winter sweaters –including the overstuffed coat- and we should start pulling out the floral dresses, including the crisp white shoes.

Most of the common colors for spring and summer are the: yellows, oranges, and whites. It can shine and glow against the beautiful backdrops of spike green grass and the turquoise blue skies. With this in mind, the natural colors from spring are the best and great improvement over the winter blues.

With these changes in color schemes of things, enclosure manufacturing companies also knows how to give color and various styles to any class of any given standard enclosure. One of the customization services of an electronics enclosure is giving permanent printing graphics that can be put on any type of enclosure surfaces.

And in order for these companies to give you the only best color schemes available for enclosure printing, they should implement certain developments in their graphics department.

The first of these processes would require a double-hit process. This is very much alike in applying a secondary coating for painting your walls. Companies does not only apply one strike of color but they apply a secondary coating when printing one enclosure. Now this makes the color of the printing appear the brightest especially on the finished product.

As many of the electronics enclosure that are available in black material, we recently just found out that printing may appear in lackluster. Like a dark background that was shown through the ink. In able to fortify the text or graphics with the use of the second hit of ink, the color is then now accentuated. Gradually, the ink pops against the darkness.

Even on white or gray surfaces of electronics enclosure, companies should double hit the process. The printed colors will start to stand out and it makes it a bit easier to read the graphics to be able to be recognized.

What are the Measurement Specifications for Electronics Server Rack Specifications?

For industrial terms, the 19-inch rack is a server or network frame within an enclosure that is being utilized to be mounted on multiple equipment units. Each of the server rack modules contains a front panel that is 19 inches or 482.6 mm wide in specifications. The horizontal measurement then includes some of the edges in the internal space of the rack.

The different IT equipment that was being manufactured with sizes to be able to fit inside a rack will usually be called the rack-mountable or rackmount. The terms: rack-mounted system, rack-mount chassis, server rack and subrack are the most common ones.

Specifications for the 19″ Racks in the Data Centre

Both server rooms, as well as data centers both, have the computing equipment installed inside the standard 19″ racks. These server racks can be in the form of two or four post formats. The height for the server racks is also being standardized in the multiples of 44.50mm or the 1.752 inches. The height measurement being given is also determined as the one rack unit or “U.” The IT industry greatly considers the sever rack structure of 42U tall.

By utilizing the standard server racks, the networking hardware or even the AV equipment can be safely configured or efficiently set up without the need for the floor space or even shelf installations. The server racks serve a wide variety of placement demands, from securing everything – from basic equipment to very light computing applications.

Specifications for Rack Unit Servers

The right measurement for each server rack is 1.75 inches wide, the standardized rank units are primarily designed to be able to assist administrators in mounting, buying, or uninstalling the servers. Computers and also other devices are already included.

The data servers or cabinets can be chosen based on their functionality. It also includes cooling and cabling management options. These cabinets or server racks can greatly vary by U height, front door style, width, security, as well as the other features.

Specifications for Patching cabinets

The size range from 4u to 8u when it comes to server rack height has a very shallow depth. It has an approximate size of 275mm. These server rack cabinets are being utilized inside a small office or classroom applications. It can also house the 1 or 2 patch panels. There can be also a small switch if it is required. These small and compact server rack cabinets will only require limited space.

Specifications for the Wall Mount Server Cabinets

These wall mount server cabinets have measurements that can range from the 6u tp 21u in height dimensions. It is widely available in measurements of 390mm, 450mm and 600mm. These server rack cabinets are also being used inside the small office/classroom/Retail applications. But because of the larger size needed for this size range, this has also been utilized to house small communications equipment for small office use. This is also where the floor space is unavailable because of the security and location issues.

What does Green Mean When it Comes to Plastic Electronics Enclosure Maker?

There are moments when we find ourselves totally dumbfounded by the idea of having green cars or technology. Honestly, what it primarily means is green means helping the environment with good alternatives. I happen to see a Mercury commercial where the host or the endorser stated that the car model was the “first green vehicle of the year”. As dumbfounded as I was before, I turned to my friend and told her “does that mean that no manufacturer has ever used a green paint before?” I know I was stupid, but let me redeem myself.

This happened before the world was into the concept of using greener alternatives to save planet earth. Until recently, people has started the green movement to save our planet from greenhouse gases, etc. Before I thought that going green means planting more trees and cleaning up & segregating our trashes. Include in my concept of “green” movement before the ideas of recycling, having alternative renewable energy, and hybrid vehicles. Green movement is not just a color but it is a lifestyle.

I am more glad to tell you that now that I am more knowledgeable about these things, and Green movement was more alive and well compared before. Green movement is not just about rehabilitating its image to appeal younger generations, but we are also doing this for the future generations to come.

In finding new ways to create a more sustainable and renewable energy sources without the depletion of current natural reserves is a very important and crucial aspect & part of our planet in today’s generation. Saving the planet is not all about buying the proper energy saving equipment or getting the latest technology innovation or having the right appliances. It starts with utilizing and using the things that you already have.

There are enclosure manufacturing companies that produces only plastic enclosures but they are tailor-fitted to be used for a wide variety of uses. Look into the company’s capability of using greener alternatives to conserve resources and save planet earth. How does a plastic enclosure serve as a useful equipment in searching for other alternatives to energy? Throughout the process of researching and discovering whether a company offers greener alternatives to their plastic enclosure, do not hesitate to send them a question or contact them directly.

All it takes is clear communication on what you what to achieve and how you will achieve it.

Sampling Policy when It Comes to Electronic Enclosures or Electronic Project Boxes

While having my weekly break from work during the past weekend, I had the chance to watch TV commercials while waiting for my favorite series to be aired. Usually, I will just fast forward through them because I just want them to be over and just continue on watching my favorite show. Although this was not my first idea to do on the weekend.

Because of this, I just channel surfed. The commercials that has the biggest impact on me were the certain fiber bar and canned pasta. Both of the commercials featured giving away free samples of these products. On top of that, they highlighted that these products are really healthy and very beneficial for the customers – and they taste really good! Even a kid will be able to eat the full serving of vegetables served in every bowl.

And once you get to know that a food taste really good, you are going to buy more of them and eat it again and again.

This also holds true when it comes to free samples of all kinds: free food tasting on a grocery store, 24-hour test drives, and even in electronics enclosure manufacturing companies. There are companies that are more than happy to provide free sample to their customers to make sure that their potential customers will have the perfect fit enclosure and it can accommodate their engineering project specifications. Through this way, the users will be ready to produce more because they now know that they have a case that will perfectly work out their needs.

The free enclosure samples are given so that they can test the size of the equipment that will be placed inside the enclosure and to make sure that the structure of the enclosures is also just right. Is the enclosure fits well with the appropriate sizing of your battery packs, board, and connectors? Will your board will perfectly fit the mounting bosses? With the specific measurements and radii, the board slide in the case will be needing no more adjustments.

Also, does the potential enclosure of your choice will be able to withstand any temperature changes when there is a physical exertion place don it? These are all important questions to identify before an end user can purchase large quantities of cases or boards. That’s why there are companies that offer free sample to the businesses that might probably need it. You just need to inquire if this service is available in their company.

However, these companies only offer limited samples per businesses or design engineers. Although there are some of them that offers purchase for sample pieces of one of the enclosure designs and with this they offer no minimum purchases.

Feel free to contact them directly to proper address your business needs.

Use Rubber Bumpers to Avoid Scratch on Desktop Plastic Enclosures

Have you ever seen an episode for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where Monica (one of the main characters) freaked out because someone did not use a coaster for their cup? It can make anyone laugh so hard. Personally I own end tables in my living room and I accidentally scraped on them, but I also sanded and painted them on my own. That’s why I totally get it when someone does not want to damage their tables with any water rings or anything.

On top of that, I have also put several coats for heavy duty use clear coat on them to protect my end tables from damage. I also did try to use coasters for my cup of tea but my dog has the habit of eating and chewing on them. Although my boyfriend also has coasters all over his place. They are simply just rubber discs manufactured with corrugated bottom that prevents bottles and glasses from sliding from the table.

This also holds true when it comes to plastic enclosures. In creating a desktop project that does not utilize flanges to protect and secure the plastic enclosure, design engineers look for alternative ways to keep the plastic enclosure sliding all around the surface. The rubber bumpers also serve as added layer of protection from unavoidable scratches on the desktop surface.

One of the ways in making these happen is using silicone rubber boot. There are companies which makes this available to their customers especially when they manufacture plastic electronics enclosure. Another option is offering rubber feet. By successfully separating the rubber feet (most of the time self-adhesive) it will help in stabilizing the enclosure without permanently installing or mounting it anywhere. There are several suppliers that offers rubber bumpers or feet on their enclosures – regardless whether it is made of plastic or metal material.

For the rubber feet, there are multiple size options available for customers: round, square, flat or rubber feet with the additional added height. The other options available to consumers is that they can choose the color and size of the rubber feet. When it comes to choosing a bumper, choose one with a diameter that is slightly smaller compared to the recessed indention you are planning to put it in.

With this in mind, in case a customer has a 0.50″ diameter indentation, they can opt for a 0.50″ diameter bumper. But this will have to be comparable with a bumper that is exactly perfect with the indentation when using it.

When the customer tries to move the bumper once it has been applied on the enclosure can cause the bumper to be weakened in its adhesive bond. It is rightfully recommended to go with a bumper size that is a little bit smaller than 0.500″ to hasten the assembly process. This also leaves a little wiggle room so to speak.